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Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial roofing contractors in Louisville help you avoid complications down the road. Roofs wear over time. Roofing companies always offer the best service but do not always provide. The experienced contractors at All Seasons Roofing help keep a roof over your head.

How does my roof affect my maintenance costs?

Air leaks from the porous parts of our buildings. This increases costs in undesirable ways by allowing external weather to impact bills.

The typical home air conditioning bill cost for a structure over 1200 square feet is $245 per month. Allowing air to escape can increase this cost by over $100. Kentucky is a state with many seasons. The same effect holds for heating.

How does a bad roof affect my building?

Layers make up your building. Drywall covers framing which supports insulation and a thick outer wall.

Consequences for letting water seep into the space between your drywall and exterior range from rotting to black mold. Your home becomes frail as well as unhealthy.

What are the most likely parts of my roof to fail?

Residential and commercial roofs differ greatly. The construction of your home differs greatly from their flat tar counterparts.

Commercial residences require drains as well as mopping but are home to air conditioning systems, elevator rooms, and other vital components for a structure.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

There are multiple options in commercial roofing. Flat, low-sloped, pitched, metal, PVC, TPO, and EPDM roofs are all common. Each corrodes or wears differently.

Maintaining these systems requires an eye for detail and knowledge of each type of material. Repairs are entirely different for corrugated metal and sealed tar tiles. Drainage systems and other factors come into play for flat roofs as well.

Replacing shingles

Residences have a completely different set of requirements than businesses. Replacing broken shingles does not only help your home aesthetically but is a necessity for longevity.

We examine every part of your roofing system for leaks, cracks, and other failures. The average roofing repair costs as little as $150. A completely new roof runs around $7500. The actual material and required labor determine the overall cost.

Thermal Leak Detection

Staying ahead of maintenance costs Is easier with a thermal leak inspection. Forward-Looking Infrared cameras enable crews to locate and repair leaks fast.

Our experts use this method to find and prepare quotes. We give an accurate assessment of every problem and help our customers save thousands with infrared technology.

Commercial roofing contractors

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a home. They keep the elements at bay, stopping mold, rot, and the elements from breaching our place of business. Over 50 years in business allows us to tackle even the hardest job.

Different roofs require different tools and materials to maintain. All Seasons Roofing uses the latest technology to help customers save on repairs while working on any roofing type.

We provide fact-based quotes for any situation. Our company aims to please, working on any sized building. Contact All Seasons roofing for a roof repair cost estimate today.

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