South Jersey Roofing Experts

Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. are experts in Philadelphia, South Jersey and surrounding areas for various reasons. South Jersey, is a state with a wide range of different building structures, including but not limited to commercial, residential and industrial types of roofs, are just to name a few. We at Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. take pride in knowing how to inspect and examine each type of roof system and track down problems. Whether it be shingle roof systems, flat rubber roofs systems, modified bitumen roof systems, slate, metal roof systems or any other type of roofing system that is found in the Philadelphia, South Jersey or the tristate area.

Many homeowners find that flat roofs can be problematic. Flat roofs are also common roof systems found on industrial and commercial buildings. Flat roof systems must be maintained with an emphasis on drainage. Due to their low slope, some flat roof systems can be seen to hold water, in certain sections, in roofing terminology, we call this ponding water. Universal Roofing and Contracting inspects, examines and then our roofing experts will determine what we think is best for the repair of your current roof system. Many roofs can be repaired however, factors such as negligence, age, weathering and improper installation can lead our expert roofing inspectors to recommend replacing your existing roof system. Our roof inspectors will give you an honest evaluation of your current roof system and try to provide you with the most affordable remedy.

We use a variety of materials. These materials are dependent on the current type of roof system that is existing on one’s current dwelling. Modified Bitumen or rubber roofing is commonly seen on flat roof systems while a shingle roof system is seen on a building that has a slope, such as an A-frame type roof. Roofing experts at Universal Roofing and Contracting will give you the best inspection, analysis and remedy for your current roof situation.