Nor’Easter Hits South Jersey

South Jersey, is a target for these damaging storms called, Nor’easters.  Nor’easters tend to form along the coastline which is reason for much devastation to our Jersey Shore line.  Nor’easters however, also affect areas more inland and bring heavy rains and high damaging winds.

Over the past several days we have felt the affect of yet another Nor’easter.  From the Jersey Shore line as far into as Cherry Hill, NJ, South jersey has been affected by these storms.

We, at Universal Roofing and Contracting, Inc. have seen a significant rise in our phone calls.  People have reached out who need emergency service, due to the damage from the storm.  South Jersey is built with many different roofing systems to accommodate residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

We have had many homeowners call because of the damage that took place to their property.  Trees have fallen and branches or entire trees have been seen to puncture people’s roofs.  Shingle roof systems have been affected.  People are experiencing minimal damage such as one or two shingles blown off.  While others are in a much more unfortunate position as their entire roof system has been uplifted and blown off.

Missing shingles and roofing material leads to leakage which can be devastating to one’s home.  Water intrusion is truly devastating to one’s home and if not remedied fast enough can cause saturation leading to mold and mildew growth.

Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. are here to help homeowners with emergency repairs to protect the interior of their homes.  We are offering emergency services such as roof repairs and also tarps to help protect their home,while waiting for either roof repair or replacement.

Though homeowner’s insurance can be a possibility in funding the repairs, the process can take awhile, leading to frustration.  Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. can help with the entire process from protecting your home, providing emergency service, supply an estimated cost for repair or replacement of the roof, talk with insurance adjusters and supplying temporary tarps or repairs.

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South Jersey Roofing Experts

Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. are experts in Philadelphia, South Jersey and surrounding areas for various reasons. South Jersey, is a state with a wide range of different building structures, including but not limited to commercial, residential and industrial types of roofs, are just to name a few. We at Universal Roofing & Contracting, Inc. take pride in knowing how to inspect and examine each type of roof system and track down problems. Whether it be shingle roof systems, flat rubber roofs systems, modified bitumen roof systems, slate, metal roof systems or any other type of roofing system that is found in the Philadelphia, South Jersey or the tristate area.

Many homeowners find that flat roofs can be problematic. Flat roofs are also common roof systems found on industrial and commercial buildings. Flat roof systems must be maintained with an emphasis on drainage. Due to their low slope, some flat roof systems can be seen to hold water, in certain sections, in roofing terminology, we call this ponding water. Universal Roofing and Contracting inspects, examines and then our roofing experts will determine what we think is best for the repair of your current roof system. Many roofs can be repaired however, factors such as negligence, age, weathering and improper installation can lead our expert roofing inspectors to recommend replacing your existing roof system. Our roof inspectors will give you an honest evaluation of your current roof system and try to provide you with the most affordable remedy.

We use a variety of materials. These materials are dependent on the current type of roof system that is existing on one’s current dwelling. Modified Bitumen or rubber roofing is commonly seen on flat roof systems while a shingle roof system is seen on a building that has a slope, such as an A-frame type roof. Roofing experts at Universal Roofing and Contracting will give you the best inspection, analysis and remedy for your current roof situation.

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How to Cool your Roof this Summer?

Scientists at Stanford University have just developed a new kind of cooling panel that may effectively reduce the cost of your air conditioning bill. The team, composed of Professor Shanhui Fan, and graduate students Aaswath Raman and Eden Rephaeli, wanted to achieve the goal of developing a structure that could cool buildings even while the sun is shining. They wanted to succeed “where others have come up short”.

Stanford scientists develop cooling panel that cools structures even in direct sunlight

What the cooling panel does is that it effectively reflects sunlight, and at the same time sends heat back into space. The team says that the reflection aspect is very important because many other reflectors are poorly engineered, so they absorb too much sunlight, defeating the entire point of their existence. With the reflectors on the team’s new cooling panel, the “vast majority of sunlight” is reflected.

The second part of the panel radiates heat, from the structure its on, back into space. The panel emits thermal radiation “within the crucial wavelength needed to escape the Earth’s atmosphere”. The Stanford team went in a different direction compared to other teams attempting to achieve the same goal. They used nanostructured photonic materials to engineer this part of their cooling panel. The material suppresses how much sunlight the panel absorbs, while also radiating it at the key frequency range required to escape the Earth’s atmosphere.

The great thing about this cooling panel is that it can be implemented not only in homes and buildings, but also in other structures such as cars. The panel is made up of both a thermal emitter and solar reflector, “making it both higher performance and much more robust and practically relevant.” The team believes that this panel can also substitute for solar panels. For example, being placed on a single-family home, it can “offset 35% of its air conditioning needs during the hottest hours of summer,” even if it only takes up 10% of the roof.

The cooling panel is mainly passive. You stick it onto your roof, or onto the sides of a building and it starts working. The team believes that this panel will be very useful because many people live in very hot regions of the Earth, causing a rapid rise in electrical demand due to so many air conditioners being used. This panel is both economically and environmentally friendly. It will help people save money on air conditioning bills, and will cool people’s homes without the need of using any resources.

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Universal Roofing – Roof Repair in Center City Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Here are some tips from Universal Roofing – a family owned company with offices in Cinnaminson NJ and Center City Philadelphia.  Licensed and insured in PA and NJ.

Here are few tips to avoid getting ripped off by a roofer or roofing contractor.   Roofing scams are fairly common and while many roofers are honest a little knowledge can save you from an expensive lesson.

Here are some basic ways to protect yourself:

  • Never accept unsolicited call or contact from roofing company.
  • We recommend getting at least 3 competing estimates and 3 references
  • Don’t always take the lowest bid.
  • Ask roofing contractors to be specific on their bids:  labor, and materials required.   This will allow you to make valid comparisons between any estimates.

Here are descriptions of common roofing scams and how they work:

The Upsell – You accept the lowest bid from the roofer for roof repair.  As the agreed work is done, additional problems appear out of nowhere. The roof contractor won’t get started on the additional work until he is paid for work already done. This cycle repeats several times until the cost of the entire repair is more than the estimate from the highest original bidder.

Free Inspection – Door to door operation salespeople canvass your neighborhood looking for people who think they need roof repairs.  They claim that their work crews are already in the area, and offer a free inspection and special deals on repair for any roofing problem they find. These scam prey on the elderly and the handicapped because such customers cannot personally verify any damage on the roof and create phony estimates and contracts for non essential roofing work.

Roof Insurance Scam – The contractor convinces the homeowner that they can claim more damage than actually occurred. The roofer will prepare an estimate for insurance reimbursement. Insurance investigators look for exactly this kind of fraud. It’s too easy to get caught as a willing participant. The illegality will also tend to silence the owner against any other problem associated with the contractor. He cheats the customer and blames the homeowner if any fraud is discovered.

Take the Money and Run – A roofer asks for 50% to 100% of the job and either uses inferior materials or disappears with your money.  Never give a roofer or contractor more than 50% of the deposit without checking references, and signing and reviewing a proposal and contract.

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Common mistakes roof repair – New Jersey

While we do not recommend this and would prefer you call us – here is some helpful information about roof repair.   So, if you have an asphalt shingle roof that needs repairing, do some research to administer a PROPER fix—or seek the guidance of a qualified NJ roofing contractor so you don’t make common shingle roofing mistakes.

3 Common Shingle Roofing Repair Mistakes

Homeowners often make errors, unknowingly, when they make routine repairs to their roof. Recognizing the problems and correcting them can keep your roof in top-shape condition—and safe from the spring elements.

Mistake #1 – Inadequate fastening – fastening a roof

Nails and fasteners that keep the roof deck together and the shingle roofing adhered to the deck can be a sign of sub-par installation, and can pierce the shingles. Remove the loose or mislaid nails and replace with new. Use up to six nails per shingle, laid right under the seal-down strip of the shingle. Replace cracked or chipped shingles at this time.

Mistake #2 – Shingle roof selection problems

Choosing asphalt shingle roofing that has a continuous seal-down strip can contribute to leaks. Select a shingle product that has breaks in the adhesive between each strip; this prohibits water from seeping under the shingle. When repairing roofs with valleys, make sure to add flashing at the angle to prevent water damage.

Mistake #3 – Roof Flashing problems

Metal flashing is used to stop water from seeping in around chimneys, valleys, windows and skylights. The misplacement of flashing can create leaks. Chimney flashing must be set into mortar to serve its purpose; repairing with caulk is a common mistake. Misalignment of step flashing is also common. Flashing pieces should overlap approximately 2 inches and be fastened with just one nail in the upper corner.

Want Peace of Mind? Hire Roofing Professional.

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New Jersey Roofing Blog for Homeowners

Welcome to – our new site.  My company is Universal Roofing and Contracting.  We have offices in Cinnaminson NJ and Philadelphia.  We’ve been fixing and replacing roofs since 2000 and worked on 1000’s of homes.

I am not sure how often I will post to this blog but I’ll try to add some interesting articles that you can reference in the future.

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